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Typewriting art

Text: Amanda Ros

When Londoner Keira Rathbone bought his first typewriter second hand about eight years ago, possible she couldn’t think about her new life as an artist. But the truth is that today she is one of the most recognized artists of what is known as “typewriting art ‘or’ ASCII art ‘since we have computers, that is:  creating images from letters and symbols.


Keira is well known for her beautiful landscapes, but especially for her portraits. Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe, Barack Obama or Tom Hanks are just a few. The funny thing is that in the digital age she clings to her typewriter, well, their typewriters because in a recent interview she said to have more than 30. The result is simply extraordinary. She tells how it all started: “I bought a beautiful orange SilverReed 100 from a charity shop about 5 years ago. Not knowing what to write, but still wanting to use the typewriter, I started to draw with it instead. Using the appropriate letter, number or symbol for what I’m drawing, I build up a picture. Mainly I create portraits, a technique I call ‘Typeface’; I have also made studies of scenes including a back garden, a pier and an oven. I enjoy the challenge of new subject areas”.

We let you here a sample of her work.  You can see more at her web, even you can buy her works if you want.




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