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Glen Check

Text: Poncho Paradela

They have been playing together since they met at school. Glen Check is a good example of the interesting Korean music indie scene. They are the group invited at the opening of our store in Seoul on Thursday August 30th. We talk with June One Kim, vocalist and guitarist, and Kang Hyuk June, bassist, to know more about them. If you live in Seoul or you are there on Thursday, join us at the party!

Who are Glen Check, can you introduce yourselves?
We’re a band from Seoul. This is June One Kim writing and Hyuk Jun Kang sharing his ideas. I am the singer and the guitar player of the band and Hyuk Jun is the bassist and the synth player. We have a session drummer who plays with us, but he’s not with us today.

Tell us your story, how did you meet and how long do you play together?
We’re both born in South Korea, but grew up in different countries.We met each other in high school back in Korea, that’s when we started playing with instruments. Back then, everything was just for fun.

You launched your album a few months ago, what do you can tell us about it?
Well, the album is regarded as a starting point for us. It’s a collection of works that we’ve done after our EP debut and as it’s our first official piece, we wanted to make it sound rough and young. At the time we were making the record, we were interested in synthesizers and African percussion rhythms, so our interests naturally melt into our results.

What kind of feedback are you getting from the Western market, is it similar to Asia feedback? Have you played in Europe? We’re known mostly in Asia, trying to spreading our music at the moment. We’re not yet famous in Europe but though there are many people from Europe who wants us to play in their venues. We hope our music spreads faster and have the chance to play in any area in Europe. We’re working non-stop on our next material, so we’re always ready for any style of movements in any countries.

We could say that your sound it’s very “western”, how do you came to it? Is this the music that you listened when you were kids?
Yes, I guess it’s our childhood influences. We’re used to “western” music and lyrics. We don’t put many meanings into our lyrics, but though it’s mostly in English so I guess the results came from our childhood music influences.

On your website we can listen some remixes you made, from Britney to Adele, how do you choose the song to make a remix?
If we like the song and feel like remixing it, we do it. Most of our remixes are not official, we do it for fun.

There’s even a cover version of “Civilization” by Justice, I guess they are a big influence to you, right? What other bands can you name as your influences?
It’s hard to say they “influenced” us, but they’re great musicians and we love their music, that’s the reason we made a cover. In our younger days, we listened a lot of Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Joy Division and various funk, rock’n'roll albums, basically everything everyone likes.

I also saw on your website that there are not any shows planned, what are you doing at the moment, are you start touring soon or are you already working on the next album?
We recently played for Summer Sonic in Japan and several big stages in Korean festivals. We don’t play in clubs or parties as much as before, now we usually play in festivals, since we spend most of our times in our studio trying this and that for our next material. We’re planning on touring after some of our materials are done.

Can you name some places where you really wanted to play in the future?
Spain, definitely. Actually, we’re planning on staying in Spain for a while at the end of this year to work for our next official record. Anywhere would be great experiences so, people around the world, invite us!

Talking about concerts, you will be playing in the forthcoming opening of Pull&Bear in Seoul, how is going to be, any special surprise?
If we tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, right? Every gig itself is a surprise for us and for the audience, and in some cases there could be surprises we didn’t expect. Let’s look forward to this great forthcoming one!

Were you able to take a look at our collection? What do you like more?
I looked through the website and I liked it! Young, basic, simple lines, the way we wear and like. The best part was the price (laughs). I’ll have to go to the shop and try it on to see if they fit well on me.

We don’t know many Korean bands, how is the independent scene there? Could you recommend us some bands that we should listen?
There are many indie bands in Seoul as far as we know, and many of them are very talented. The Korean scene is not yet receiving attention from other continents but I’m predicting it will, soon enough and it’s actually starting to.


IFC MALL P&B, 150-712, Gookjegeumyoongro 10, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

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