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Text: Poncho Paradela

Next Friday is the opening of the new Pull&Bear store in Tegucigalpa (Honduras). To make this day even more special we are going to have a DJ set by AlessXander and Equatorials will be performing live. We talked to them about their concert, their music, their future and their desire to conquer the world.

Tell us, how and when did the band start?
Equatorials is a band from Tegucigalpa formed by two pairs of brothers: Fernando Rivera (guitar and synths), Carlos Rivera (drums), Christian Padgett (bass and vocals) and Andrew Padgett (guitar, synthesizers, vocals). We met in college and after become good friends we decided to start this project with the idea of ​​making music different from what is done in Honduras, we wanted something more edgy. We started in 2009 and so far we are very pleased with the result.

Tell us about your music, what is Equatorials? Are you an alternative band, new wave…
Our music is a kind eclectic because we have a lot of influences. If we like a sound we use it and we adapt it to our concept. We experimented with a lot of sounds: post punk, synth pop, new wave and garage.

In your Bandcamp we can listen ten songs, are they part of your first album? What else have you released so far?
These are all the tracks we have published so far, it is not our first album, it is rather a compilation of all the singles that we recorded in our home studio since 2009.

Thanks to your Facebook is easy to know what bands influence you. There you posted videos from Foals for example. What other bands do you like?
There are so many! Discover new music is our hobby and these days it is very easy to find with good proposals anywhere in the world. We listen cult bands like The Police, The Smiths and The Cure, and some material contemporary, Andy likes Late Of The Pier; Chris, Mutemath; Charles, The Strokes and Nano, Grizzly Bear. We all have similar tastes, that’s why our project was born.

You also say that the Black Keys are a great band for the road. What is the best place and situation to listen to Equatorials?
At a concert in Pull&Bear with your friends! But hey, if you’re not in Tegucigalpa we are a band who also sounds good on the road or walking with your iPod in town.

How do you compose your music? Tell us about the process you follow to compose and record and a song.
Andy compose the melodies and the structure on his computer, then we choose the songs that we believe are the best. Then we rehearsed, learn and make all the arrangements that every song needs, and when it’s ready we recorded in our home studio. Technology has greatly helped to record our compositions.

Today it is common to find many interesting bands from Central America, but that was not always so. Are you aware of that?
We are more than aware of this. For years, not only in Central America but Latin America has generally been very conservative about producing music. We believe that it is time to independent music and we are proud of many of the proposals that are emerging in our land.

One of the tools that you use to publicize your music is social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. How do you handle this?
We have always loved being involved with everything about our project, the publications you see on our networks are from all the members of Equatorials.

You will be playing at the opening party for the new Pull&Bear store in Tegucigalpa on December 7. What have you prepared?
Well, the party starts with AlessXander with a very good DJ set of electronics. We will close the night, and as usual we’ll do a very energetic concert to dance and have fun. Besides going to release a couple of new songs that are not yet recorded and will be part of the new album.

One the special things of these kind of concerts is that the band is very close to the people, and before and after the show you can talk to the fans. Is this what you most like to play in these events?
Sure! We love this kind of cozy concerts, we feel very comfortable in them and quite enjoyed the relationship that is built with the audience. Concerts and festivals are great fun too, but everything is more impersonal.

I guess you have seen the latest Pull&Bear collection, what do you like most?
Pull&Bear concept fits perfectly with our vision as a band. We liked a lot the Pull&Bear Heritage and The Boy collections.

What’s next for Equatorials, where do you see yourself in five years?
In 2013 we recorded our first album, so stay tuned to our news! In five years we hope our music have led not only to Central America but the entire world.

Finally, encourage people to come see you this Friday. Why should they can’t miss this event?
Simple and simply because is Pull&Bear and it will be good music by AlessXander and Equatorials. Best combination impossible! An event like this is not very common in our city. It is a guarantee for fun.


More info at the event page on Facebook.

From 5 pm to 9 pm

Centro Comercial Multiplaza
Lomas del Mayab, Boulevard San Juan Bosco
Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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